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Sorry | Movie

Instead of following the age-old model by which theatre imitates reality, director Bobo Jelčić creates a theatre in which reality and imagination merge. Following the principle of chance and coincidence, in his projects he collects fragments of events most often not connected by plot, story or action, thus constructing an open form which is yet to become a play (a drama). Such dispersive manuscripts allow theatrical integration and disintegration to occur simultaneously, a process that has already been applied and practiced in literature for a number of decades. Jelčić has a unique approach to working with actors, where all of his projects are the result of collective authorism of the entire cast, based on improvisation and personal experience. He writes and directs, searching for contemporary alternatives to classical and conceptual forms of theatre.  Show Sorry is designed as a theatrical process in which research will be radically focused on social issues and emotions based on people's everyday struggles. In the play Sorry, the director Bobo Jelčić uses a simple prop to explore life in the theater and theater in life, with a direct approach in working with actors, shaping a minimal series of events set among the inhabitants of a small and ordinary town. In this theatrical research, the actors of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb and very young actors meet and together deconstruct archetypal stories about seemingly simple relationships, such as the relationship between mother and daughter, father and son, within friendship, first loves...

Audio: HR

Subtitles: FR, ES, PL, IT, PT, SE, EN, DE

Director Bobo Jelčić
Dramaturg Mirna Rustemović
Costume / Stage design Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin
Light Design Ivan Lušičić Liik
Assistant director Patrik Sečen
Assistant dramaturg Karla Leko
Assistant costume designer Tina Spahija
Production assistants Katarina Krešić, Josip Gregov
Stage manager Antonio Mrzlić  

Jadranka Đokić, Lana Meniga, Melody Martišković, Marko Makovičić, Luka Knez, Lara Nekić, Vid Ćosić, Marin Stević, Alma Prica, Ivan Colarić

Extras: Andrej Drenski, Patrik Sečan

Pianist: Karlo Hubak  

Co-produced in the frame of “Prospero – Extended Theatre”, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, whose members are: Théâtre de Liège, L'Odéon-Théâtre de L'Europe – Paris, Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione – Modena, Schaubühne – Berlin, Göteborgs Stadsteater, Hrvatsko narodno kazalište u Zagrebu, São Luiz Teatro Municipal – Lisboa, Teatros del Canal – Madrid, Teatr Powszechny – Warszawa, and ARTE.

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