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The end of the world | Films from the smog years

03 October 2022

This is a multimedia combination of a civil action, theatrical show, and film.

CENTRALA is working with scientists and lawyers on a civil anti-smog bill that will allow the introduction of changes in the regulations regarding the protection of air purity in Poland. This bill will be a finished legal solution, accessible to all that can improve the quality of air in the country with their actions.

An additional effect of working on that bill and considering the problem of smog is the creation of movies with smog in the background. The creators use short forms to show the reality in which a walk in a park brings a life threat.

Because polluted air changes everything, even if you pretend that all is well and there is no problem. Because smog is a fact. This is what life looks like when breathing can kill you.  

Audio: PL

Subtitles: EN

Director: Michał Zadara

Cast: Karina Seweryn, Barbara Wysocka

Cooperation: Teatr Powszechnt & CENTRALA

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