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Hedda | Play

22 March 2024

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Hedda is a pluralistic portrait of women. Starting from the work by Henrik Ibsen, Aurore Fattier’s Hedda immerses us in the last days of Hedda Gabler’s rehearsals. Laure Stijn, a middle-aged director from a large family of artists, tackles the work of the Norwegian playwright. The increasingly disturbing memories of her sister, Esther, a young actress who died fifteen years earlier, punctuate the course of her work. It is this unexpected, dizzying path that we follow her on until her show comes to fruition. Bolstered by a renowned European cast, Aurore Fattier offers a theatrical and cinematic reinterpretation of this play from 1890. Hedda approaches this classic, which could be a contemporary work, and holds up a mirror that shows us the difference between the real violence that women endure and the way it is idealised in our cultural staples. In its world première, Hedda deconstructs overbearing male standards and asks the question: ‘What are our classics about?’

Audio: FR
Subtitles: EN, DE, ES, HR, IT, PL, PT, SE

Direction: Aurore Fattier  
Text: Mira Goldwicht and Sébastien Monfè (drawing on the plays Sonatine Stijn, by Goldwicht Monfè and Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen)  
Scenography: Marc Lainé in collaboration with Stéphane Zimmerli and Juliette Terreaux  
With: Fabrice Adde, Delphine Bibet, Yoann Blanc, Carlo Brandt, Lara Ceulemans, Valentine Gérard, Fabien Magry, Annah Schaeffer, Alexandre Trocki, Maud Wyler  
Original music: Maxence Vandevelde  
Video creation: Vincent Pinckaers  
Light creation: Enrico Bagnoli  
Camera operator: Gwen Laroche  
Costume creation: Prunelle Rulens in collaboration with Odile Dubucq  
Hair creation: Isabel Garcia Moya  
Make-up creation: Sophie Carlier  
Wardrobe : Anne-Sophie Vanhalle  
Location manager: Dylan Schmit, taken over by Krispijn Schuyesmans  
Stage manager: Emmanuel Savini  
Light operator: Jean-François Bertrand  
Video operator: Nicolas Gilson, taken over by Leo Diologent  
Sound operator: Jérôme Mylonas  
Artistic collaborators : Lara Ceulemans, Deborah Marchal  
Production of set and costumes: Ateliers du Théâtre de Liège  
Production of the play Théâtre de Liège et DC&J Création with the support of Tax Shelter du Gouvernement fédéral de Belgique and Inver Tax Shelter  
Coproduction Solarium Asbl, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, Théâtre Royal de Namur, Théâtre de La Cité-Cdn Toulouse-Occitanie, Comédie de Valence-Cdn Drôme-Ardèche, Les Théâtres de la ville du Luxembourg, MARS Mons Arts de la Scène, Comédie de Reims, Prospero – Extended Theatre The play was recorded at La Comédie, Centre dramatique national de Reims    

Film produced by Théâtre de Liège & La Compagnie des Indes  
With the support of Prospero – Extended Theatre, cofounded by Creative Europe (EU)  
Direction : Simranjit Singh  
Delegate producer of the recording: La Compagnie des Indes  
Producer : Gildas le Roux  
Direction of productions: Emma Enjalbert  
Production administrator : Sabine Drapied  
Production assistant : Louise Colimar  
Apprentice : Loïc Simon  
Script : Christèle Tournemine  
Director of photography: Vincent Pinckaers  
Sound ingenier : Julien Chaumat  
Camera operators : Malo Laffont, Régis Le Mao, Sylvain Pieri, Nicolas Pinchinot, Marine Tadié, Nicolas Zygmunt  
Technical director and post-production responsible : Mathieu Hue  
Edit : Simranjit Singh assisted by Malo Laffont and Nicolas Zygmunt  
Mixing : Jean-Christophe Barras  
Additional musics : Good god damn – Arcade Fire (Compositeur-Auteur et Interprète)   Éditeur EMI MUSIC PUBLISHING LTD   Liquid sunshine – Biga Ranx (Auteur et Interprète) & Maxime Guiget (Compositeur) Éditeurs Lucien Entertainment, X-RAY Productions et Wagram Publishing  

All rights reserved

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© Théâtre de Liège – Compagnie des Indes - 2024

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